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We are a local farm/ranch located in beautiful Morgan, UT. The majority of our cattle are Angus cross beef cattle. We have spent years perfecting our breeding and feed programs to produce a high quality product. You will taste the difference in our beef. From our Ranch to your table. 


To order our products, please call or text

Main number* 385-317-0433

Rhonda at (801) 940-7534

Heidi at (801) 391-9236

Jody at (801)-791-2236

Diamond D Beef Brand

Our Breeding Program

Our feeding Program

Our beef are grass raised to a desired weight, they are then put on a balanced feed ration to optimize weight gain.

This ration includes hay, silage, grain, vitamins and minerals to meet their daily requirements.

We feed this ration until the beef have reached our  target weight of approximately 1300 lbs. We grow all our feed right here on our family farm!

Our mother cows are Angus cross bred. We use pure bred black Angus bulls from our seed stock herd. Many years of careful selection have afforded us a "dream team" herd of cattle. Our beef continually top the sales market because of our reputation for quality.   We are excited to pass our high quality beef on to you. 

Image by Andrey Haimin

Main offerings

Image by Cindie Hansen

High quality beef through high quality cuts. Check out our steak choices. Each steak is cut 1" thick and come 2 per package. 

Ground beef patties.jpg

Locally raised and processed, 100% ground beef. Versatile, flavorful and economical. Shape into meatballs or a nice meatloaf; brown and crumble for a variety of dishes. We also have  1/3 lb. patties available.

Image by yvonne lee harijanto

Find a roast that can feed the family or a couple. We're sure you'll be happy with the roast as they come in 2.0 - 7 lbs in size. 


Retail Meat in Bundles of your favorite cuts  to get the what you really want.

Image by Jon Tyson

Prime Rib, Brisket, Stew Meat, Skirt Steak, Flank Steak, Short Ribs, BBQ Ribs and Soup Bones


Order a 1/4 1/2 or whole Beef at $3.25/lb on the hanging weight. You pay the cut and wrap.

Main Offerings
Image by Kyle Mackie


Image by Abby Anaday

Porterhouse Steak

Big flavor and big enough for two. Simply season this sublime combination of Strip and tenderloin for the grill or skillet.

- $20 / lb -

New York Strip Steak

This premium, lean steak is a steakhouse classic, known for its marbling, tenderness and flavor. 

- $20.00 / lb -

Cube Steak

Tenderized by a butcher. Enjoy pounded thin, breaded and pan fried to make chicken fried steak. 

- $6.50 / lb -

T-bone steak

Smaller than the Porterhouse, but delivers the same optimal tenderness and satisfying flavor, all in a lean package that's ready to be grilled. 

- $20 / lb -

Tenderloin Steak

The most tender cut of beef. Lean, yet succulent and elegant. Melt-in-your mouth texture. subtle flavor and compact shape. 

- $22 / lb -

Rib Eye Steak

This boneless steak is rich, tender, juicy and flavorful, with generous marbling throughout.  Exceptional taste.

- $22 / lb -

Sirloin Steak

Family-sized steak that offers lean, well-flavored and moderately tender beef at an affordable everyday price. Convenient and a great value with no bones and little fat. Versatile, juicy and delicious. 

-  $15.00 / lb -

Image by yvonne lee harijanto


Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird

Rump roast

Lean and economical. This cut is best enjoyed braised or roasted. Cut thin against the grain to maximize tenderness. 2-5 lb per package. 

- $6 / lb -

eye of the round roast

A lean, flavorful cut often used for roast beef at the deli. Can be roasted or slow-cooked at home for an everyday meal. 2-5 lb per package.

- $6 / lb -

round bone roast

No longer available.

round roast

Great value and very lean and flavorful. Best for roasting or slow cooking and sliced thin. 2-5 lb per package. 

                       * No longer available


Juicy, tender and versatile. This roast offers rich beef flavor. Easily recognized by its triangular shape. Excellent on the smoker! 4-6 lb per package.

- $8.50 / lb -

chuck roast

This is the classic pot roast, becoming moist and tender when braised. Boasts a full, rich beef flavor. 2-6 lb per package.

- $6 / lb -

sirloin tip roast

This boneless, lean cut is a great value. Best when roasted and carved into thin slices. Great in the crock pot. 3-7 lb per package.

-  $6 / lb -

Image by Usman Yousaf


Image by Yann Allegre

Prime Rib

The King of all cuts! This is the most flavorful, juicy and tender cut of beef. It has the perfect amount of marbling. Please call us to special order. We can even do fresh (not frozen), boneless or bone in. 

- $15 / lb -

Skirt Steak

Boasts a deep rich beefy flavor. Best when marinated before grilling. Slice thin against the grain. 0.75-2.25 lb per package.

- $6 / lb -

BBQ Ribs

BBQ beef ribs are flavorful and great on the grill! 1.5-3 lb per package.

- $3.50 / lb -


A flavorful cut that becomes tender when cooked slowly at low temperatures. The traditional cut used for corned beef and popular smoked on a grill

 6-15 lb per package.

- $8.50 / lb -

Flank Steak

Lean and flavorful. Flank steak should be thinly sliced against the grain when carving. An ideal choice to marinade. 1.75-2.25 lb per package.

- $6 / lb -

soup bones

Toast soup bones with vegetables to make a flavorful, rich broth. Season with salt and sip this restorative broth on its own or use it as a cooking liquid for grains or legumes, or deploy it as a base for sauces and soups. 1.5-2.5 lb per package.

- $3.50 / lb -

Stew Meat

Well trimmed beef cut into 3/4" - 1 1/2" square pieces. Use for beef stew or kabobs. 0.75-2.25 lb per package.

- $6.25 / lb -

Short Ribs

Short ribs are cut thinly across the bones. Marinade before grilling to maximize their tenderness. 1.5-3 lb per package.

-  $3.50 / lb -

Image by Joshua Kantarges

100% Pure Ground Beef

Image by engin akyurt

Bulk Ground Beef

50 lb box - $5.25 / lb 

25 lb box - $5.37 / lb

10 lb box - $5.50 / lb 

1 lb pkgs $5.75 / lb 

1/2 lb ground beef patties

-no longer available 

1/4 lb ground beeF patties

no longer available

1/3 lb ground beef patties

The 1/3 lb patties are nice for whoever is hungry! We like to cook these for the cowboys after we gather cattle. They love a nice, thick, juicy burger with potato chips and cool pasta salad! 

- 1.33 lb pkg - 4 patties / pkg - $8.25

100% Pure Ground Beef
Image by Bao Menglong

beef Bundles

Image by Erika Löwe

Bundle #1 - 1/16 beef

$245+ Tax

  • 15 lb ground beef

  • 1 pkg each (2-1" Steaks / pkg)

    • T-bone

    • Tenderloin

    • New York

    • Sirloin

  • 2 Roasts (You Choose)​

    • Sirloin Tip​

    • Chuck

    • Rump

    • Round Bone 

    • Eye of the round

  • 1 pkg Stew Meat​

Bundle #2 - Roast/Ground Beef

$240+ Tax

  • 20 lb Assorted Roasts

  • 20 lb Ground Beef

Bundles #3- 1/8 Beef

$480+ Tax

  • 30 lb ground beef

  • 2 pkg each (2-1" Steaks / pkg)

    • T-Bone

    • Tenderloin

    • New York

    • Sirloin

  • 4 Roasts (You Choose)​

    • Sirloin Tip​

    • Chuck

    • Rump

    • Eye of the round

  • 2 pkg Stew Meat​

Image by José Ignacio Pompé

Smoker Bundles

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Smoker Bundles

Bundle #4

$230 + Tax

  • 2 pkg Short Ribs

  • 2 pkg BBQ Ribs

  • 1 Brisket

  • 1 Tri-Tip

  • 2 Pkg 1/3 lb Ground Beef Patties

Bundle #5

$110 + Tax

  • 2 pkg Short Ribs

  • 2 pkg BBQ Ribs

  • 1 Brisket or Substitute 1 Tri-Tip for $75 + Tax


Locker Beef

Image by engin akyurt

Whole, 1/2 and 1/4 Beef Available

$3.25 / lb on Hanging Weight

  • You pay the Cut and Wrap (Approximately)

  • 1/2 Beef $1300-$1350+ c&w

  • 1/4 Beef $650-$700 + c&w

Locker Beef
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