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Diamond D Beef

The Diamond D Ranch was started in 1952 by our Grandfather, Dean Morgan. Grandpa went into the brand inspection office to renew his fathers brand (a diamond) but too much time had lapsed and the brand had already been taken by someone else. So Grandpa and the clerk put their heads together and the Diamond D was born!  


The original ranch was  in Layton Utah. In fact, our first feed lot was where the Layton golf coarse is today!  As Layton grew, the ranch also grew and  found itself needing more land.  So in 1962 Grandpa purchased his first piece of land in Morgan Utah. At the time Morgan was very remote and it was a great place to summer cattle. Grandpa would bring the cows home to Layton in the winter and for calving. Grandpa's youngest son Mike Morgan (my Dad) became a partner in the ranch at a young age a fire had been lit inside my Dad. in 1975 at the young age of 18 Dad moved to the ranch and was caring for the cattle and rodeoing with friends. He lived in a camper trailer initially but with the addition of a wife (Dana), daughter (Jody)  in 1976 and yet another daughter (Me) in 1977. His bull riding career was over. Dad moved us on up to a single wide trailer. We had to wait until 1984 for our little brother Curt.  There were some really great times growing up on the ranch. Yet we worked really hard.


Many nights my Dad would wake us to help him "rub calves". We would put freezing calves in front of the wood burning stove in our house and rub them with towels to keep them alive. Think cow NICU. I learned a lot from my Dad. I learned how to get a job done with limited resources. My Dad really cares about his cows! He always puts them before himself. Dad and Jody have worked for many years to perfect our breeding program. Our registered bulls and heifers are top of the line. It definitely shows in quality of our meat products.

My Cousin (Jason) is the "brains" behind the farming operation and has been with the ranch from almost the beginning.  He and his Wife (Rhonda) work tirelessly all summer to produce enough feed for our cattle to feed them through the winter.  Many of our crops are hand irrigated. Jason sees the crops close up on a daily basis. Rhonda manages amazing greenhouses where she grows produce. She has a produce stand at her house in the summer. 

Dad and Jason have worked together for many years and have produced what i believe is the highest quality beef anywhere! Give us a try you will be amazed at what you have been missing. ​Thank you for choosing our high quality retail meat From our Ranch to your Table. 

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